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Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying in the United States is getting out of control. “Cyber bullying” is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones.

Being apart of a cyber bully is not just morally wrong, but it is also a legal matter.  Research shows that children have killed each other and committed suicide after having been involved in a cyber bullying incident.

I found this story on the internet. This is one of the many reasons why we shouldn’t cyber bully and why it is wrong.

The Megan Meier MySpace Incident

Megan Meier was a 13 year old from Missouri who struck up an online friendship on the popular social networking site MySpace with a person she believed was a new boy in her hometown.

In actuality, the “friend” was a group of individuals, including adults, who were intent on humiliating the poor girl because of a friendship with another child that had gone awry. Megan was very upset when she found out the truth, then later committed suicide once the friendship had terminated.

The horrifying case stunned the community and caused state government officials to pass some of the harshest cyber bullying laws in the country.

In my opinion, this is a very tragic and horrific occasion.  No ones life is worth losing over a so called “thrill” of cyber bullying.  It is immature and can lead to many outrageous and traumatic experiences.

Here is another story.

A Fake Facebook Rival

This year in Clinton Missouri, charges were filed against a teenager who allegedly created a fake Facebook account to serve as a competition against a young girl who was interested romantically in a male student. The account was created by another girl who wanted the boy all to herself, the suit claims.

As a result, the targeted individual underwent significant levels of stress which affected her studies and her ability to attend school regularly. The case is one of many that feature phony accounts on Facebook or MySpace that are used to harass young people or stir up trouble among friends.

Cyber Bullying has become a worldwide problem because of the difficulty to track its occurrences. It some cases it has been accepted as humor, but when is it taken to far? When a child has taken her own life because she was cyber bullied, we know it has been taken way too far.

Cyber bullying has been present in the 2008 presidential election with the slurring of both presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. Even the vice-presidential candidates Sarah Palin and Joe Biden have been victims of this abuse.

These slanders wouldn’t technically be considered cyber bullying, but are loosely related. Senator Sarah Palin has received the worst of it with the creation of videos mocking her interviews on Saturday Night Live. NBC reports over 7 million views online, with millions more watching it on YouTube and Google video.

Cyber Bully Alert is an innovative new technology that helps families fight back against online predators and cyber bullies. Visit today for more information.

There are many other incidents from which ended in a regretful inconvenience.  All of these cyber bullying incidents can be somewhat prevented if we as a people use prevention methods to stop cyber bullying.

Here are some methods that came from the site.


How Can I Prevent Cyber bullying?

Teens have figured out ways to prevent cyber bullying. Follow in the footsteps of other quick-thinking teens and

  • Refuse to pass along cyber bullying messages
  • Tell friends to stop cyber bullying
  • Block communication with cyber bullies
  • Report cyber bullying to a trusted adult
You can also help prevent cyber bullying by
  • Speaking with other students, as well as teachers and school administrators, to develop rules against cyber bullying
  • Raising awareness of the cyber bullying problem in your community by holding an assembly and creating fliers to give to younger kids or parents
  • Sharing NCPC’s anti-cyber bullying message with friends

Don’t forget that even though you can’t see a cyber bully or the bully’s victim, cyber bullying causes real problems. If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it online. Delete cyber bullying. Don’t write it. Don’t forward it.

What Else Can I Do To Stay Cyber-safe?

Remember that the Internet is accessed by millions of people all over the world, not just your friends and family. While many Internet users are friendly, some may want to hurt you. Below are some ways to stay cyber-safe:

  • Never post or share your personal information online (this includes your full name, address, telephone number, school name, parents’ names, credit card number, or Social Security number) or your friends’ personal information.
  • Never share your Internet passwords with anyone, except your parents.
  • Never meet anyone face-to-face whom you only know online.
  • Talk to your parents about what you do online.


Thank you for reading this editorial.  I hope it makes a difference in the far and near future.

Seven Pounds Movie Review


For my final assignment in my journalism class, I decided to do a movie review for the movie Seven Pounds. In my opinion, Seven Pounds was an excellent movie. For those of you who never watched the movie, the leading actors were Will Smith and Rosario Dawson.


In this movie Will Smith was a character named Ben, and Ben was known for being a person who helped others. To me, this movie is somewhat like a love story.


Through out the movie, it shows different situations where Ben helped out people he didn’t know. For example, he donated his home to a woman who was getting abused by her husband and her kids. During the entire movie, Ben helped a total of seven people, which is how the name of the movie came about.

Out of the seven situations, there was this one situation that stood out the most. This is when he portrayed himself to be his brother, who name was really Ben Thomas. This is how he met Emily Posa because she was one of his clients.

Emily Posa suffered with a bad heart and she was on the waiting list, waiting on a donor. This is where I get my impression of the movie being a love story. As the movie continued, Ben began spending more and more time with Emily and they started falling in love. He found out that he had the same blood type as Emily, and decided to be the one to change her life forever. Ben was Emily’s heart donor.

It hurt him to sacrifice his life for her because the feelings they shared had grew into something special. The night she got the call to receive her new heart, she didn’t know it was her lover’s heart until the end. That to me showed true love. I say this because even though they couldn’t be together, Emily would have a part of Ben that will stay with her forever, literally. All in all, Seven Pounds is a wonderful movie and I do recommend others to watch it.

A ‘Thriller’ of a podcast

Keisha Davis and Tashema Jackson love Michael Jackson. To hear what their top 3 Jackson songs are, click HERE!










Hello students, for the remainder of the summer, we’ll work on podcasting. As journalist, we have to be on the cutting edge of how audiences recieve their information and entertainment.

Many bloggers want to reach audiences while they’re driving their cars to work, walking to class or riding the bus across town. What better way to entertain them than thru their iPods? Like a radio show, podcasting works the same, except you can upload episodes via iTunes so you never have to worry about missing one because you’re in class or the station isn’t available.


Listen to Top 5 Podcast HERE!

The best way to plot out your podcast is to write a script before hand so you have an idea of what you want to say and what points you want to cover. It does not have to be a complete script, but just enough for you to remember your thoughts. Below is an example of the script I used for the above podcast.

Here's an example of the script.








Your introduction should include who you are, the name of you blog/website you’re representing (2011 Upward Bound Summer Program) and what your topic is. Music and entertainment isn’t the only topic you can work on. Sports, science, food, books…the topics are endless.




What About The Wetlands?


I am a very strong believer in global warming and that humans are going to be the destruction of there selves. I do not hold any illusion that I am not included. I know that I am a source of pollution and destruction. Around the area in which I live erosion has taken away the wetlands of Louisiana. What had once been stable land is now fully submerged. I have not lived long enough to see this change so drastically but even my parents have told me it is true. But, not only is it my family who believes this but there are many scientist who have dedicated there lives to study these changes in our environment.

This is not only a problem for Louisiana but for the whole country because LA contains approximately 40 percent of the nation’s wetlands and experiences 90 percent of the coastal wetland loss in the lower 48 states. Without these wetlands the whole country suffers. LA’s coast is a “working coast,” supporting critical infrastructure such as highways, ports, pipelines and navigational waterways of national economic significance. Without coastal restoration, people and businesses that power the nation will be forced to retreat from coastal Louisiana, resulting in severe economic consequences to the nation. Some of the facts I have found (via internet) are as such:

1     In Louisiana 60 percent of land loss occurs in the Barataria and Terrebonne basins.

2     LA is losing 25 to 35 square miles of wetlands per year and the highest rates are occurring in the Barataria and Terrebonne basins at 10 and 11 square miles per year.

3     At current land loss rates, nearly 640,000 more acres, an area nearly the size of Rhode Island, will be under water by 2050.

    18 percent of U.S. Oil Production; 24 percent of US natural gas production originates, is transported through, or is processed in LA coastal wetlands.
5     One fourth of our nation’s energy supply depends on the support facilities in South Louisiana.
6     LA’s oil and natural gas industries have a value exceeding $16 billion a year.


The above facts prove that there is a problem going on and that it will affect the whole U.S. of A. But what are we doing about it? Some people go out and replant certain plants to help keep the soil from eroding away any further. But they can’t save it entirely by themselves, this problem requires big help. So, what are you going to do about it now that you have the facts?

The Internet Has Consequences


People are doing a lot of cyber bullying. Some aren’t getting punished. Cyber bullying seems to cause problems. The public seems to be worried about it.

According to a trusted source, a girl in Britain was the first to go to jail for posting threats on facebook. It was actually death threats that she had posted. Another source said that the public has responded strongly to a suggestion that recidivist violent school cyber bullies serve a short time in prison to change their ways.

I agree that people should have some kind of a punishment for cyber bullying, because bullying can cause someone to commit suicide. No matter what form of bullying it is the person doing it should be punished. It’s the best solution. People need to be stopped. It would save a bunch of unnecessary drama.